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Linda Kelly-Smith, Travelport

China is expected to become the number one destination worldwide, according to new Travelport research.

Speaking at the company’s road show last week, Travelport head of solutions and support Linda Kelly-Smith said that within the next five years China will become the number one destination, worldwide, with up to “Two thirds of the world’s middle-class… located in the Asia-Pacific by 2030 and it’s the middle-class that predominantly travels the most”.

“That is where the opportunities are, that’s the cluster that we want to target,” she said.

According to statistics, 33 percent of the world’s population are online and because travellers are so well connected through social media such as Facebook and Twitter, they are keen to share their experiences and agents are encouraged to advance on these occurrences and opportunities.

To keep up with the swift pace of technology, Travelport are changing the core platforms that GDS operate on.

“We have to make sure that the end result is what you’re looking for… that it’s easier to use and filter through.”

Ms Kelly-Smith echoed Travelport’s vision to be the world’s leading provider of informed travel choices with the introduction of cutting-edge interfaces.

“Travelport has been working on Rapid Reprice for some time and we have released this in Europe and America,” she added.

“The product is ready, it’s good to go. However, it’s only as good as the airlines that partner with us and the good news is we’re in discussions with a couple of airlines within Asia-Pacific and hopefully will be able to announce something soon.”

Travelport have spent over $450 million on technology over the past few years, continuously updating and rolling out new products such as the Universal Desktop, Universal API, Smartpoint App, e-Pricing and Travelport Rooms and More.

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